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How to Wear Colored Shades with Style

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Summer’s here, and so are this season’s new sunglasses. You’ll want to do more than just wear them… you’ll want to wear them well! Get some color intelligence with our guide to summer’s hottest color trends and how to wear them!

Summer 2021’s playful expressionism encourages an unrestrained and experimental approach to color. From catwalk to city street, Summer 2019 reflects a desire to face the future with empowering colors that provide confidence and spirit; colors that are uplifting; joyful hues that lend themselves to playful expressionism and take us down a path of creative and unexpected combinations.


You’ve been framed!

Pick a frame, and color it up! This season, mix your tortoiseshells with your acetates – keep that oh-so-right shape for your face, but turn up the volume by adding a glow of intensity!

Colored lenses too!

Back in the days when a young Will Smith was still The Fresh Prince, an even younger Alicia Silverstone was the coolest person on the planet and gave us Clueless, and the grunge scene was just emerging from its Seattle roots, tinted lenses were all the rage. Ever since, they’ve been in and out of style. Today, they’re so on-trend that you can almost hear Cher Horowitz whispering “Let’s do a makeover!” in our ears.

What’ll you choose?

Yellow – There’s nothing that shouts “Hey! I’m over here!” more than a pair of yellow sunglasses with colored lenses. And, when you do it, don’t do it in half-measures – thick yellow frames matched with same-color dressing adds a model-look to your entrance.



– Make it frames or lenses – but don’t do both. Black frames with tinted red lenses work equally well across genders. On a man – urban chic. A woman? Sassy and graceful. Flip it to black lenses in red frames, and discover a whole new dynamic. Ladies – turn up the temperature, and you’ve got a look that will take you directly from pool-side to night club.



– What? Girly-pink? Think again. Match pink-tinted lenses with a rose gold frame, and every stylish man has found his fresh summer 2019 look.



 – Yes, because the world looks better through green-tinted lenses. Everyone knows that! Make them mirrored, and let others see things just the way you like them too. Match them with micro-round frames, and you’ve got 2019’s best party-in-the-park look.


Transparent frames 

– A business approach. Super-cool, fun yet formal. Add an edge to your summer eyewear by removing the color altogether! Lightly-tinted lenses are the way to go here.



– Take the heat off with cool blue. As at home by the sea as it is on the morning commute – as the sun goes down, blue adds an edge of refreshing elegance to every encounter.



 – Go large cat-eye frame and purple lenses then take your place on the catwalks of city streets. An over-sized frame adds a large slice of glamor, while the depth of a deep, dark purple is as bold as it is beautiful!



 – As lush as they are luxe, match black or mirrored-gold lenses with small, classic-shaped gold frames, and you’ll look a million dollars (or today’s Bitcoin equivalent!)



– In no way is this gold’s poor relation! A silver mirror lens delivers great protection from the sun’s rays as well as a high degree of color and contrast for the wearer. Plus, a neutral tone makes them easy to wear with any outfit.


Finally, black 

– Who says black isn’t a color? Whatever, it’s always going to be your key go-to – black on black is still as rock solid as it is rock chick.


How to wear them

Simply adding color isn’t necessarily a passport to nailing 2019’s summer eyewear trends. Pay attention to our top tips…

  • Remember to work with a frame shape that suits your face!

  • Go matchy-matchy to make the strongest statement

  • Retro references are in – take a classic shape and add a lick of color!

  • Always select a quality lens – that way you’re protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays AND adding a bright glow to your face

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